MARAD Designates Two New Marine Highway Routes

Jones Act / Top News / US Merchant Marine / August 17, 2023

JUNEAU, AK – While in Alaska, U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg announces the designation of two new Marine Highway Routes, as part of the United States Marine Highway Program (MHP). The newly designated M-11 and the M-79 routes will help speed up the movement of goods, strengthen supply chains, and support local economies in Alaska, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. These designations allow any eligible applicant on these routes to apply for future U.S. Marine Highway Program grants.

The MHP supports the increased use of America’s navigable waterways to relieve landside congestion, provide new and efficient transportation options, and increase the productivity of the surface transportation system. By working closely with public and private organizations, the MHP helps create and sustain American jobs in U.S. ports, shipyards, and aboard vessels while also improving the nation’s supply chains.


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