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AMC was incorporated in 1977 as the Joint Maritime Congress to advocate for the U.S.-flag industry and our nation’s merchant mariners. In 1989, our organization’s name was changed to the American Maritime Congress. For over 40 years, AMC has functioned in an educational capacity for virtually every major piece of maritime-related legislation considered by the
Federal Government.

The AMC offices are located in Washington, DC, in close proximity to the U.S. Capitol where on any given day meetings take place with lawmakers and Administration officials to ensure the cornerstone policies of the U.S.-Flag maritime industry remain viable and strong.

Throughout AMC’s nearly four decade history, we have advocated the critical importance of having a strong U.S. Merchant Marine to meet the challenges and uncertainties of sustaining ocean going trade in a complex, global economic environment. Every issue AMC takes up is singularly focused on U.S.-Flagged ships and American jobs.

AMC’s history of accomplishments includes passage of landmark federal legislation, such as:

  • Veterans’ status and full recognition of the role of U.S. merchant mariners in World War II: Underscoring the importance of the U.S. Merchant Marine to our Nation’s defense and global economic security has been, and continues to be, a foundation of virtually every successful policy undertaking at AMC.
  • Passage of the Maritime Security Act of 1996: Landmark legislation creating the Maritime Security Program (MSP) to provide the U.S. Department of Defense with assured access to commercially operated, militarily useful U.S.-Flag ships and American crews to support wartime and humanitarian efforts.  Read more.
  • Passage of the Maritime Transportation Security Act in 2003: Comprehensive legislation to tighten security at our nation’s ports and on our oceans and inland waterways.