National Security

Defend our interests, serve our country.

Commercial shipping vessels play a huge role in our national security by transporting supplies to our troops overseas, delivering food aid and supplying our embassies abroad. But, in today’s world, national security is ensured by so much more than military capabilities. Quite simply, we are falling behind and being outpaced in global trade and commerce – our geopolitical rivals are overpowering us and this threatens to weaken our national security, diplomacy, and our ability to trade.

International Readiness

We are ready to act overseas to defend our interests and help those in need.



Supports the military and safegaurds national security by helping deter potential conflict.



Has successfully carried out hundreds of international missions.

International Security

Other countries are dominating, and we need a robust fleet to secure our interests.


Liberty Maritime

Plays a crucial role in supporting our troops abroad.



The expertise, intermodal networks, and global relationships to serve our federal goverment.

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